Jubilee Church International, Pensacola, FL, Pastors Lindell and Len Ballenger

Jubilee Church International CNY, Homer, NY

Jubilee Church International, Tulsa, OK

World Outreach Ministry Foundation, Kampala, Uganda, Pastor Steve Mayanja

Mercy Rock Ministries, Tulsa, OK, Evangelist Pat Fryer

Life Church, Morelos, MX

Templo Jehova' Sama, Piedra Negras, MX

United Team International and Community Church, Minnesota, Pastor Curt Jacobson

Fresh From heaven Ministries, Baton Rouge, LA, Pastor Harry Thomas

Kingdom Life Church, New Orleans, LA, Pastors Gail and Ronald Pierce

East Gate Ministries and the Little White Church, Katey, TX, Pastor Carolyn Sissom

The Resting Place, Baton Rouge, Pastors Helen and Larry Richard

God's Word in Action Ministries, Hot Springs, AR, Pastors Gary and Jettie Valley

Johnny Barham Ministries, Sherwood, AR, Prophet Johnny Barham

Faith Fellowship Grenada, MS, Pastor Liz and Benny Vance

Greater Works Ministries, Picayunne, MS, Apostle Pat Lee

Koinania Fellowship, Cordova, TN, Pastor Cedric Taylor

Kehillat Yisrael, Sherwood, AR, Pastor Steve Hess

Jubilee College International, Pensacola, FL

Jubilee Christian College, Malvern, AR, Dr. Douglas Wheeler and Dr. Jimmilea Berryhill

American Institute for Advanced Biblcal Studies, North Little Rock, AR, Dr. Ron Moseley, Dr. Roy Blizzard, Dr. Paul Maier

Yad Vashim, Jerusalem, Israel

Children's World Embassy, Dove House, Romania, Paul Cresan

Christians United For Israel

Creation House Ministries, Florida, Keith Goodson

Scott Stweart Ministries, Scottland

House of Mercy, Piedra Negras, MX

Falco's Home and His Healing Hands Ministries, Arusha, Tanzania, Jerry and Tammy Backus

Journey Church, North Little Rock, AR, Pastor Alex Averitt

The Gathering Church, Lonoke, AR, Pastors Kenny and Jenny Paseley

The Gathering Church, Oklahoma City, OK, Pastors Ray and Jan Hollis

Emmanuel Bible Fellowship, Jacksonville, AR, Pastors Berlinda and Jerry Helms

Arkansas Ministers Network

Grand Master Han Martial Arts for Missions, Jeremy Fox

Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime

Key Ministries, Pensacola, FL, Prophet Kevin Leal

Father's Heart Ministires, Pensacola, FL, Prophet Dave Wagner

The Gathering Place, Holden, LA

The Resting Place, Baton Rouge, LA

Kingdom Life Church, New Orleans, LA

Rhema Christian Center, Baton Rouge, LA